Preschool Learning Activities-Emotional Development & Fine Motor Skills Activities

Preschool learning activities are varied and just involve a little creativity. Emotional Development activities for kids as well as Fine Motor Skills Development are very important areas to develop in your child or preschooler.

Having your preschool child cut out various shapes and objects is a great way to help develop fine motor skills. Of course if you are going to allow your children or preschoolers to do this activity you need to ensure they are using the proper 'child safe' scissors when doing ANY cutting in any material.  

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Here is a fun preschool learning activity that you can use with your preschool child to help develop them in these specific areas of growth. Keep a collection of old magazines, newspapers or flyers that are full of images of people with different expressions etc.

Preschool Learning Activities-Emotional Development & Fine Motor Skills Activities

Instruct the children to pick a magazine or newspaper etc. to look through and find images of people's faces showing different expressions.  They may find pictures of happy faces, sad faces, surprised faces, angry faces, scared faces and many more.    

Your preschool child can then 'cut out' all the faces they find using 'child safe' scissors of course, and they can discuss each different image with the parent or teacher and discuss what they see in the person's expression.  You could even just have children find and cut out a certain expression, or what 'they' see as a certain expression. For example, you could tell them to find any pictures of 'happy faces' and see what they come up with, you may be surprised what they find!  

It is good to keep these images and glue them to a piece of Bristol Board or construction paper, and then to laminate it. You can then cut them all out and save them in a box or envelope! This will make the images last for years so they may be used again and again in many different ways to teach children.  You could even use these different faces and expressions and have children 'GROUP' all similar expressions together in a pile.  

Another Great learning activity for children becoming familiar with spelling and simple reading or word recognition would be to have a few different images (4-6) out. You could then have the names of the expressions written on a piece of paper or a label (example) Happy, Sad, Angry etc. You could have the child(ren) match the image to the word. This is excellent for simple reading and recognition of every day words that express emotion.

Preschool Learning Activities-Emotional Development & Fine Motor Skills Activities