Teen is US texting champion

NEW YORK -- The newest US texting champion has a message for parents across the land -- although they might not want to hear it. Full Story.

New iPhone 3GS heats up smartphone wars

When Apple starts selling what it bills as the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet on Friday, the device will only heat up the already sizzling smartphone landscape. When it comes to phones that act like mini-computers, consumers have more choices than ever. Full Story

South Korea tops in broadband penetration: study

WASHINGTON - South Korea, where 95 percent of homes have broadband, Singapore and Taiwan are among the top five countries in terms of access to high-speed Internet, according to a survey released Thursday.

Core2Duo vs Dual Core

Dual core is a generic term representing 2 cores on a single die. Likewise, quad core represents 4 cores on a single die.

This is different from Core Duo and Core 2 Duo. These are micro-architectures for how the CPU operates. Core was Intel's first dual core architecture, and Core 2 is the "sequel" to Core.

So you see, a CPU can be a Core Duo with 2 cores, or it can be a Core 2 Duo with 2 cores. They are both dual core -- the difference is the micro-architecture.

Simply put, Core 2 is a faster, more powerful micro-architecture.

Basic Computer Knowledge - Computer Basic Skills Knowledge

How to learn computer basic skills: Video computer training is certainly the best and quickest way to learn how to use a computer faster on your own, rather than using text books. With the demand for professional computer users on increase all over the world, many people are now rushing to find a quicker means to learn or improve their basic computer knowledge skills faster.

The use of audio-visual lessons are rapidly becoming the best alternative for learning new skills quicker, especially when it has to do with learning how to use a computer on your own. Also considering the time, inconvenience and travel cost involved using the traditional distance learning program or classroom system; a lot of people have now discovered that video computer training tutorials are certainly the best alternative to learn computer basic skills knowledge faster on their own from home.

Thanks to modern science and technology, anyone irrespective of his or her present basic computer knowledge skills can literarily master or learn how to use a computer faster, by utilizing this opportunity. You don’t have to worry about feeling intimidated or ashamed over your lack of basic computer skills any longer by seating in a computer training class with people that are more skilled than you, if you start making use of basic computer training video lessons specifically produced and recorded for computer beginners like you.

Want to know the easiest and fastest way to master all your computer basic skills faster within few days on your own and be the envy of your friends? Want to get rid of your computer literacy completely by this time next week and move from the “computer beginners’ class” to a skilled and experienced professional computer user?

Go get yourself video computer training lessons on simple DVDs! Not video training PC tutorialss on CD-ROMS or CDS that are commonly found everywhere online. Without doubt, this is the best and easies time tested and proven way to master all your computer basics faster. You can just slot the DVD inside your home DVD player, watch, learn and practice at the same time. You don’t even need a PC at home to start learning how to use a computer.

That is nothing other than the truth and hidden secret to learn basic computer knowledge skills faster on your own without ever attending any computer training classes for a single day. Anyone can easily skyrocket his or her PC basic skills faster using this method. You’ll never have to be intimidated or frustrated by computers any longer.

It’s already been proven by scientists as the best method for learning new skills faster. So! What are you still waiting to start tapping the gains yourself right fom today, to dstart inproving your computer basc skills? Start using this method to learn all your basic computer skills quicker, right from today, rather than surfing online every now and then for a quicker means to learn how to use a computer faster!

Have a nice day and when you are ready to master all your basic computer skills within just few days from now... CLICK ON THIS LINK: Basic Computer Knowledge Skills Video Lessons! Don't remain a PC beginner month-in-month-out... Get rid of your lack of proper computer science knowledge faster now!

Beginners Basic Computer Training - Computer Skills Training Classes Online for Beginners

Most people today are constantly searching online for beginner computer training classes online in order to acquire basic computer training from home. The increasing demand from almost every office in the world today for only workers who’ve got basic computer education and can operate a computer without depending on professional programmers are now forcing everyone to learn how to use a computer.

It is very important to note that; although you can learn so much about computers and how to operate them online, it is equally essential that you master your computer basics first before enrolling for any advanced computer training class online. Doing so can drastically help you to learn any new computer skill you may wish to settle for in no distant time.

Another thing to remember is that there are so many online computer classes that are run by unqualified computer trainers. So! It’s entirely your duty to investigate/research more about whichever online training class you’ll finally be using. You must not fall for the best looking website you find offering Beginners Computer Classes Online, simply because you like the out look/design of that particular site.

In my own opinion; the best way to succeed in your pursuit for computer education will be to first of all, get yourself sound "basic computer skills", learn how to use a computer very well on your own, before wasting your hard earned money enrolling in any online computer class. You can easily learn all your computer basics from the comfort of your own home, without attending any computer training classes within few days. You can find out the easiest way to master all your computer basics faster by visiting this link here BEGINNERS COMPUTER BASICS TRAINING VIDEO LESSONS; if you are interested.

So to summarize this article, it is very important for anyone who wants to learn computer skills online, to first gain basic computer science education from home (possibly on his/her own) before using "online computer training classes". This will no doubt help you to master any advanced computer skill faster. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Have a nice day and before you go, have you signed up for your free computer training lesson yet? Why not do that right now to start recieving all our free basic computer skills tutorials for beginners!

Learn PC – Learn To Use Computer Like A Professional PC User Faster!

Everyone today has realized the need and urgency to learn PC basic skills now more than ever before. Every computer beginner now wants to learn how to use computer like a professional within few days. Here’s a quick, reliable and guaranteed method to help you in acquiring your basic computer skills knowledge faster.

Learning PC skills and mastering your computer basics can easily be achieved if you use this time tested method that has been proved to help anyone to easily learn about computers or learn any new skills faster. Using this method, you don’t have to rely on anyone to help you master and improve your computer basics faster on your own. So what’s this method all about?

If you want to learn PC skills faster without attending any computer training class even for a day, your best chance of learning PC basics is to use “Computer Training Video”. Computer basic training lessons on DVDs are the best and most reliable method for anyone who wants to learn to use computer faster on his or here own.

So why is it the best option for a computer beginner? Using basic computer training videos for your studies is by far, more better than using text books to learn or improve your computer basics. It’s just like having a qualified trainer readily by your side and impatiently waiting to guide you through every step of your studies. You don’t have to worry about the cost of getting repeat lessons or the cost of traveling to a computer basic training class, just to learn to use computer.

If you choose this method, and do a good search on the net for a good product to learn PC basics, you can literarily master your computer skills faster and easier too within few days. All it should take you’ll be your determination to putting and end to your computer literacy as faster as you can. It doesn’t matter your present level or your previous qualifications. Any computer beginner can easily learn to use computer like a professional within few days.

One last thing I must have to point out here in our computer basic training lesson today, is the need to also look out for computer training video lessons that are recorded on simple DVDs, rather than ones that are on CDs, when searching for a good one to buy. Am sure you already know why this could be so important to you?

But incase you don’t know, it’ll help you in learning PC basics faster from your home DVD player, while practicing your skills at the same time or even later on a computer. So you need to choose carefully for a product to help you learn PC skills faster like a professional within few days. Have a lovely day and good luck in your determination to move from a computer beginner to a computer professional!

Slow Computer Performance? Clear Browser Cache - Delete Browser Cache

Is your computer running too slow? Does your computer take ages to open just a simple webpage? When was the last time you cleared your browser Cache?
In today’s basic computer skills training, we’ll be studying how to clear Browser Cache and the steps to help you delete your browser Cache yourself (Internet Explorer). Lot’s of people that are still struggling with their computer basics hardly know the importance of clearing browser Cache periodically. But if I may ask, do you know how to clear your cache?

I hope you’re aware that when you use a web browser to view web pages on the internet, these files are automatically saved on your computer? These are commonly known as browser cache or temporary internet files. Am sure you’ve heard before?

Every browser use’s a different location on your personal computer to save its ‘Cache’, and each browser has its own way of clearing this cache. If these aren’t cleaned out on a regular basis, they can consume a large amount of space on your personal computer!

In our basic computer skills lesson today, I’ll show you a simple step by step method to delete Browser Cache if you are using Internet Explorer. I don’t know which browser you are using, but most likely, you may be using Internet Explorer. But if you are not using this one, don’t worry; in our next basic computer skills lesson, we’ll be discoursing the simple steps to delete Browser Cache in Firefox and Opera.

How To Clear Browser Cache: If you are using Internet Explorer To Speed Up Your Computer Performance:

The first step in clearing the cache/temporary internet files for Internet Explorer is to open a browser window, and select ‘Tools’ from the top menu and then select ‘Internet Options’ (that should be the last item you’ll see there).

Once this window loads up on your computer, we are looking for the ‘Delete Files’ button. Can you see it?

Click this button then tick the box ‘Delete all offline content’, then click Ok. This can take a while to process if there are a lot of files to delete. Once done, click ‘Ok’ and close the control panel window.

Have you seen how easy it is to delete browser Cache in Internet Explorer? Am sure you didn’t think it’ll be this easy? Did you? Ok! Let's carry on!

After you’ve cleared your browser Cache, you should notice a significant amount of changes in your computer speed. Your computer performance should improve a lot. Hence the need to regularly clear your browser Cache. On that note, we conclude our free basic computer training lesson today on how to delete browser Cache if you are using Internet Explorer to enhance your computer speed and performance.

In our next free basic computer skills training lesson, we’ll be discoursing how to clear browser Cache if you are using Firefox or Opera. I hope you enjoyed it. If you can’t wait till then, why not sign up to have our entire computer training lessons delivered to your chosen email address? Have a nice day!

Basic Computer Training Lesson - How to Use Your Computer to Share Your Favorite Music Online For Free

Basic computer beginners training lesson on how to use your personal computer to share music with others on the Internet. Many people especially those that are still learning how to use a computer, don’t know that they can easily have more fun online by sharing some of their best tracks with others for free.

You could use your computer for just about anything you could think of online. The ability to share music online is just one of them. Acquisition is one of the easiest software programs that you can use for sharing music online. One of the major things that make Acquisition a fantastic software program for this purpose is that it is also compatible with Macintosh. Therefore, you can easily download and upload music at the same time. Because of their rating system, you can as well feel confident when sharing tracks with people you don’t know. You only need to check to see that they have a good feedback.

Let me also inform you in our basic computer training lesson today, that Acquisition is also a free program that you can easily access. The only thing is that you will have to learn to accept the various advertising messages when using the software. It is really worth it though because it is one of the very best programs out there for sharing music.

If you remember very well in our other basic computer beginner training lesson, I did remind you that one of the easiest ways your computer could be infected with viruses is through downloading files from free programs online. But in this case, the files have been verified so you don’t have to worry about receiving or sending out any type of virus when you are using Acquisition to access music on your PC.

A lot of people who access music online are familiar with iTunes, and Acquisition is also compatible with iTunes. I use them both to play music while on my PC or when I am having a party. Even my children are able to access the music library and listen to what they want from these two fantastic programs.

Assuming you have a large music library stored on your PC, it can be very difficult to locate particular songs. For this purpose, the best software program for this is known as Azureus. Azureus allows you to share various types of files. I generally use Acquisition when I want to access new music and then switch to Azureus when I want to find a particular song or those songs by a particular artist. You can do the same or choose a method that suits you best.

I can tell you with confidence that these are among the best programs available for sharing music online. I have tried most of them out there to see what they have to offer but these stand out from the rest. Even Napster and Limewire just don’t measure up. You may want to try them all out for yourself but I am positive you will get the same results as I have.

When it comes to sharing music on your PC, there are other issues you also need to be aware of too. You need to watch out for those who want to share the music you have paid for and have to offer but they don’t give anything back in return. You also need to be careful not to step on any toes.

But before I round up our basic compute training lesson today, I’ll also like you to remember also, that there are controversial issues right now about the copyright laws for music. Make sure you only share music that you have paid for, so don’t go crazy here or doing things that are illegal.

I hope you enjoyed our lesson today on how to use your computer to share music online. You can sign up for your free computer training lessons right here to start getting all our computer tyraining lessons free as soon as they are ready. Have a nice day!