Basic Computer Training Lesson - How to Use Your Computer to Share Your Favorite Music Online For Free

Basic computer beginners training lesson on how to use your personal computer to share music with others on the Internet. Many people especially those that are still learning how to use a computer, don’t know that they can easily have more fun online by sharing some of their best tracks with others for free.

You could use your computer for just about anything you could think of online. The ability to share music online is just one of them. Acquisition is one of the easiest software programs that you can use for sharing music online. One of the major things that make Acquisition a fantastic software program for this purpose is that it is also compatible with Macintosh. Therefore, you can easily download and upload music at the same time. Because of their rating system, you can as well feel confident when sharing tracks with people you don’t know. You only need to check to see that they have a good feedback.

Let me also inform you in our basic computer training lesson today, that Acquisition is also a free program that you can easily access. The only thing is that you will have to learn to accept the various advertising messages when using the software. It is really worth it though because it is one of the very best programs out there for sharing music.

If you remember very well in our other basic computer beginner training lesson, I did remind you that one of the easiest ways your computer could be infected with viruses is through downloading files from free programs online. But in this case, the files have been verified so you don’t have to worry about receiving or sending out any type of virus when you are using Acquisition to access music on your PC.

A lot of people who access music online are familiar with iTunes, and Acquisition is also compatible with iTunes. I use them both to play music while on my PC or when I am having a party. Even my children are able to access the music library and listen to what they want from these two fantastic programs.

Assuming you have a large music library stored on your PC, it can be very difficult to locate particular songs. For this purpose, the best software program for this is known as Azureus. Azureus allows you to share various types of files. I generally use Acquisition when I want to access new music and then switch to Azureus when I want to find a particular song or those songs by a particular artist. You can do the same or choose a method that suits you best.

I can tell you with confidence that these are among the best programs available for sharing music online. I have tried most of them out there to see what they have to offer but these stand out from the rest. Even Napster and Limewire just don’t measure up. You may want to try them all out for yourself but I am positive you will get the same results as I have.

When it comes to sharing music on your PC, there are other issues you also need to be aware of too. You need to watch out for those who want to share the music you have paid for and have to offer but they don’t give anything back in return. You also need to be careful not to step on any toes.

But before I round up our basic compute training lesson today, I’ll also like you to remember also, that there are controversial issues right now about the copyright laws for music. Make sure you only share music that you have paid for, so don’t go crazy here or doing things that are illegal.

I hope you enjoyed our lesson today on how to use your computer to share music online. You can sign up for your free computer training lessons right here to start getting all our computer tyraining lessons free as soon as they are ready. Have a nice day!