Computer Games For Toddlers

Toddlers have the capacity to learn quickly, especially if they are taught using images, colors and graphics. Hence, computer games for toddlers have created a niche market in today's world. Also, this is a fun way to learn and toddlers do not find the learning process boring or tedious.

There are several computer games in the market especially designed for toddlers. Some of the categories of games that are available are as follows:

Educational Games For Toddlers

Animal games: In this particular category, all the games are associated with animals. Games are usually centered around matching the name of the animal to a picture or guessing the sound the animal makes. The games are slow paced so that the toddler has sufficient time to grasp it.

Computer Games For Toddlers

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Alphabet games: Here the main aim of the games is to teach the letters to the toddler. Usually the toddler has to press the corresponding letter on the keyboard and when it done correctly, images of items starting with that letter come up on the screen. With the help of images, a toddler can learn the alphabet in a relaxed and fun way.

Roll-over games: These games are specifically designed to improve the hand-eye co-ordination. The games are designed in such a manner that the toddler has to move his or her eyes in all the directions and also move his or her hands in the same direction as the eyes. These games also help to improve the concentration ability of the child.

Shape matching games: Here, the toddler has to match the shape of the image displayed. It is a simple and fun way of teaching the various shapes to the toddler. In fact, several of these games are available for free on the Internet.

Painting games: This is a good way to teach the child the different colors. In addition, the toddler also learns to concentrate and mix and match various colors to come up with a completely different color altogether.

Computer Games For Toddlers