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We provide Computer repair, Network maintenance and Data recovery services. Are you worried by your system performance? You can optimize the performance of your computer system by our team of Microsoft certified professionals and that too at very affordable price range. Certified credential and wide experience confirm that they have necessary skills required for PC troubleshooting problems faced by computer users. If you have experience repairing desktop computers, you may at some point wonder how you will fare with laptop computers. Learning laptop self repair is not for the faint of heart. While laptops and desktops have a lot in common as to how they operate, the architecture behind them both is a different story. The exclusive nature of laptop hardware makes the repair process a challenge.Software related laptop problems are fixed in a similar manner to desktops. Most laptops use the same operating systems you would find on desktops. The main difference with repair lies in how hardware problems are handled. You can say that being proficient in laptop self repair depends on your ability to handle laptop hardware problems.Like the desktop, the laptop has a motherboard as the central component. The size is smaller to what you would find in desktops and varies from laptop to laptop since there is no real standard. A lot of the components are directly integrated onto the motherboard and unlike desktops, customization is limited. It is also not practical to build a laptop from scratch using compatible parts like you would with a desktop.Getting a laptop open, usually takes significantly longer than opening a desktop case. The laptop shell contains several little screws (usually at the bottom) for you to remove. There may be certain parts on the inside of the laptop you can gain access to very quickly. These may not require removing lots of screws. Examples include, the battery, memory module or hard drive, but it depends on how the manufacturer factors in accessibility during the design process.Memory modules, hard drives and batteries are the easiest parts to replace in a laptop due to design standards that many manufacturers follow. If you encounter a serious problem, that requires replacement of these parts, you just need a new part that is compatible with the housing of the old part. For example, replacing a faulty SO-DIMM DDR2 memory component with a newer one. Checking the manufacturer's website or laptop manual for compatibility info will help as well.Getting to most of the other components require going very deep into the laptop, disassembling piece by piece. Depending on the part you are trying to locate, you will usually encounter other parts and screws of varying sizes in the way. These obstacles are way more intrusive compared to what you get in a desktop. Like desktops, you need to take precautions to hazards like electrostatic discharge.Laptops are more expensive to repair than desktops in most cases. One of the most expensive parts to replace is the laptop LCD screen if it is badly damaged. Any replacement screen must match the specifications of the damaged one. Finding the right screen can be a challenge.These are just some of the challenges you will have to face, if you are going to specialize in laptop self repair. If you are making money repairing desktops and don't know how to repair laptops, you are leaving money on the table. Having the knowledge and skill to repair laptops can easily boost your income.